Preventing teeth stains

June 26, 2014


We all want white teeth. Our smiles are the center of attention whether they are pearly white or little less than stellar. But without taking extravagant measures, anyone can take small steps in whitening their smiles.

The obvious changes are to brush and floss more consistently. Other small daily habits can also have an impact on the color of your teeth.

Use a straw
By using a straw, you are eliminating your juice and teas from staining your teeth. In addition, using a straw keeps sugar from coming into contact with your teeth, which causes deterioration.

Be picky with your toothpaste
If you use toothpaste that advertises quick whitening of the teeth, chances are it is abrasively scraping the stain off your teeth, thinning your enamel. When enamel thins, dentin is revealed. This dentin is a darker part of the tooth, meaning your toothpaste will have had the opposite effect.

Drink cooler coffee
By letting your coffee cool down, you will prevent your teeth from getting tiny cracks. These tiny cracks allow coffee to sit in them, staining your teeth. Even just a few degrees cooler will help!