Terrific tooth trivia

Bet you didn’t know that the soreness you feel when you burn your mouth on mozzarella cheese has a name—pizza palette. Or that only the common cold beats tooth decay as the most prevalent disease in the United States—even though a third of us make it all the way to the age of 17 without ever getting a cavity. Test your knowledge with some fun tooth trivia:

Q. Guess who worked as a silversmith, a copper plate engraver, a dentist, and still found time to warn the countryside when the Brits were coming?

A. Paul Revere

Q. What fearless female shattered the fluoride ceiling when she received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1866?

A. Lucy Hobbs Taylor

Q. How many athletes avoid dental tragedy each year by covering their pearly whites with mouth guards?

A. 200,000

Q. What delectable dairy delights should you chomp on to keep your smile sparkling white?

A. Cheese! Specifically, aged cheddar, Swiss or Monterey Jack

(Source: Michigan Dental Association)


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